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Merlins On The Road Again, Look To Improve Early Season Performance Against Oregon Sports Union

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Elite Women

Glendale’s Women’s Premier League (WPL) Merlins squad is traveling to Portland this Saturday, taking on the Oregon Sports Union (OSRU) side. Looking for improvement from their week one loss to San Diego, the Merlins are focused on fundamentals in Portland. Head Coach Luke Gross describes the areas the team is working on following the loss: “We got beat up in the tackle contest, both in attack and defense. San Diego had a strong, early offensive push. We started finding our feet in the second half, but the game showed it’s a very strong league. On any given day, any team can win.”

Glendale Merlins WPL

Photo by Seth Mcconnel

The Saturday match in Portland will give the Merlins side a chance to redeem themselves. Gross notes a shift in mindset moving into the contest: “We have to take every single game as a championship game. That’s something we forgot in California. It won’t happen again.” Oregon will present the Glendale side with a tough opponent. A strong, forward-oriented team, OSRU promises to provide a physical challenge. The Merlins will need to match that physicality on Saturday to bring home a win.

Asked what positives can be taken away from the season opening loss in California, Head Coach Gross has plenty of accolades for his team: “I love the dedication. We have a very deep bench, and I love the work that they do on and off the field; the desire to learn and improve. Having four players to choose from for a single position on game day is a good problem to have.”

Glendale Merlins WPL

Photo by Seth Mcconnel

The Merlins first home match is September 8th, when Glendale hosts Berkeley WPL at Infinity Park. Follow all of the Glendale teams on Facebook and Twitter for full-time scores on all games and additional information. For the 2018 season, the WPL Merlins will be playing on the Infinity Park Stadium pitch, opening for the professional men’s team, the Glendale Raptors. The full season schedule can be found at  

If you are interested in joining the Glendale Women’s Rugby program, whether at the WPL or Division 1 level, contact the recruitment chair at, or come out to one of the practices to see the team in action. The WPL squad practices Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Infinity Park turf pitch.

Glendale Merlins Roster vs. Oregon Sports Union – 

1. Sarah Chobot
2. Jeanna Beard
3. Helga Polheber
4. Charley Thompson
5. Joanna McElroy
6. Kris Peterson
7. Rachel Ehrecke
8. Joanna Kitlinski
9. Kelsie O’Brien
10. Hannah Stolba
11. Alli Hale
12. Julie Tordonato
13. Denali Graham
14. Danielle Ordway
15. Madison Slaught


16. Lexie Lundquist
17. Sus Kitchen
18. Sam Luther
19. Andrea Prusinski
20. Leann Lam
21. Hannah Tennant
22. Kemi Adewunmi
23. JT Wypych