Glendale’s RugbyTown Rising Awards

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Club News

Glendale Honors Standouts at Annual RugbyTown Rising Awards Ceremony

In November Glendale celebrated its annual RugbyTown Rising Awards Banquet, a yearly tradition that honors exceptional members of the city’s rugby clubs. Director of Rugby Mark Bullock explains that the annual gathering is an integral part of rugby culture; an opportunity for players to gather in a semi-formal setting, enjoy some sporting fellowship, and to recognize individuals that have made special contributions to their respective teams or the overall organization.

RugbyTown Rising Awards

Photos by Seth McConnell and Justin Purdy

Awards are specific to the various teams and are both determined and delivered by coaching staff. Typically including recognition for Most Valuable Players, Most Valuable Backs, and Most Valuable Forwards, additional awards could include accolades for a player who is of unique value to their team, Most Improved, or Rookie of the Year, among others. Two special awards were delivered at this year’s ceremony: Casey Rock, who has played Glendale Rugby since the club’s inception a decade ago, was named Last Man Standing, and Nick Boyer was awarded the Jon Snow Spirit Award. Named in memory of longtime Glendale player Jon Snow, the award is given to an individual who is regularly involved in community activities, rugby-related or otherwise, and one who best exemplifies the spirit and values of Glendale Rugby. Described by Director Bullock as a “good club person,” Boyer was recognized for the time he spends working to improve the Glendale community through various outreach and volunteer activities. As Bullock puts it “Not all players can be at the top of the list, but all players can make a difference in other people’s lives.” All 2017 awards recipients are listed below.


  • Glendale Raptors, Nick Boyer – Jon Snow Spirit Award
  • Glendale Raptors, Casey Rock – Last Man Standing
  • Glendale Raptors, Seth Halliman – MVP
  • Glendale Raptors, John Quill – MVP Forward
  • Glendale Raptors, Shaun Davies – MVP Back
  • Glendale Merlins, Shane Gooding – MVP Forward
  • Glendale Merlins, Westley Laborde – MVP Back
  • Glendale Merlins, Travis Haugen – X Factor


  • Glendale Merlins WPL, Carmen Farmer – MVP
  • Glendale Merlins WPL, Joanna McElroy – MVP Forward
  • Glendale Merlins WPL, Juliann Tordonato – MVP Back
  • Glendale Merlins WPL, Allison Hale – X Factor
  • Glendale Merlins D1, Madison Slaught – Most Improved
  • Glendale Merlins D1, Rachel Ryan – MVP
  • Glendale Merlins D1, Susanna “Sus” Kitchen – MVP Forward
  • Glendale Merlins D1, Nichole Wanamaker – MVP Back