Glendale Rugby’s Crossover Camp

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Club News

Crossover Camp

Photo by Sara Wright

Glendale Rugby is very excited to be hosting it’s first-ever crossover camp. On Saturday, Sept. 8, more than a dozen hand-picked elite athletes, many of whom have never played rugby before, met in Glendale, CO for what will be a week-long training camp. Although crossover athletes in American rugby is nothing new, (just take a look at USA Rugby’s Sevens Team) this kind of crossover-specific camp is something that Glendale has never done before and will serve as a kind of trial to see how well and how quick athletes at this level can pick up the game. Mixed in with several of our current Glendale Rugby players and potential recruits this camp will conclude with a massive test for these athletes, when, on Friday, they will converge on Aspen for the 51st Annual Ruggerfest Tournament. In the pics below, Director of Rugby Mark Bullock is teaching about the importance of your team in rugby, using  an activity to show how a spider web stays so flexible, yet so strong because of it’s unique design. “Rugby is the ultimate team sport,” Bullock said, “Because every action that you have effects the other 14 players on the field.” The players then took what they had learned up onto Infinity Park’s Festival Plaza for a late afternoon training. 

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