Glendale Falls to Dallas Rugby Reds

by | Feb 5, 2018 | D1 Men, U23 Men

Glendale 0 – Dallas 67

On Saturday the Glendale Merlins travelled to Texas, facing off against the Dallas Rugby Reds. Dallas, one of the strongest teams in the nation, has had an exceptional start to the season, winning each of their first three matches. The Merlins, who looked strong against the Little Rock Stormers last week, were shut out by the Reds in a hard fought game.

Glendale Falls to Dallas Rugby

Glendale Falls to Dallas Rugby Reds

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Merlins Head Coach Luke Gross acknowledged the Texas team’s physicality: “Dallas had a very solid performance. They attacked us at our strengths and systematically wore us down, which resulted in a large point differential in their favor.” Dallas scored and converted four tries in the first half, going into the break with a 28 to nothing lead. The second half saw much of the same, with the Reds scoring in regular intervals, up to the 79th minute and ultimately victory.

Glendale’s performance has been irregular in the team’s inaugural season in the Division I Red River Conference, facing the challenges of new competition, as well as injury and player availability. Given the challenges, however, coach Gross is optimistic, and complimentary of his team’s never-say-die attitude: “Hats off to our boys. They never stopped playing and that says a lot to their grit and their integrity.”

The Merlins will have an opportunity to regroup during this week’s bye, in preparation for a return to Texas on February 17 when the team will be matched against the Austin Huns. Supplementing with players from Glendale’s Under-23 team has been strategically beneficial for the Merlins so far this season, working to fill squad numbers and to expose the younger players to high-level competition.

February 9 will see the official start of the season for the Glendale Merlins Under-23 team, who will host Brigham Young University at Infinity Park at 6pm. Follow the Glendale Merlins on Facebook and Twitter for full-time scores on all games and additional information.

Glendale’s first Division I home game is March 10, when the Merlins will face off against the Austin Blacks on Infinity Park’s Turf Field at 3pm. All Merlins home games will have free admission in 2018.

Irakhl Chkhikvadze

Irakhl Chkhikvadze – Player of the Match

Scoring Report

12:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 7-0
20:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 14-0
26:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 21-0
40:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 28-0
Halftime: 28-0 Dallas
41:00 Dallas Penalty Kick 31-0
42:00 Dallas Try 36-0
45:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 43-0
63:00 Dallas Try 48-0
69:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 55-0
75:00 Dallas Try and Conversion 62-0
79:00 Dallas Try 67-0

Starting Lineup

  1. Tsverava, Giorgi
  2. Downey, Thomas
  3. Hathaway, Christopher
  4. Schoelch, Christopher
  5. Gallrein, Brett
  6. Myeni, Lindani
  7. Davidson, Richard
  8. Fitch, Alex

  10. De Nysschen, Carlo
  11. LaBorde, Westley
  12. Chavkin, Ryan
  13. Cook, Clint
  14. Papike, Dennis
  15. Chkhikvabze, Irakli
  16. Faamatuainu, Nathen

  18. Pearl, Devin
  19. Veimau, Lolenisi
  20. Thomas, Marcus
  21. Smith, Scott
  22. Killeen, Torin
  23. Synnott, David
  24. Redemacher, Zach
  25. Wilder, Trevor