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Who are the Glendale Merlins?

The Merlins represent an essential stopping point along an aspiring rugby player’s career.

Playing for the Glendale Merlins links a player’s past as an amateur or student athlete with their goals of playing rugby at a higher level. Perhaps even professionally. It’s a place dedicated to growth and development. As part of the rugby family at Infinity Park, players have access to dedicated coaching, top facilities, and a positive culture. The relationship players will develop with fans in the surrounding community is mutually beneficial.

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The teams that play under the Glendale Merlins name will represent a culture of growth. Playing for the Merlins is an acknowledgment of the success a player has already earned in his or her career and of the aspiration to compete at a higher level. Other athletic institutions, such as Duke basketball and Alabama football, have become so renowned for developing athletes, that those teams have become more popular than some of the professional teams their players go on to play for. The Merlins will seek to earn a similar standing within the rugby world.

Players will look to the merlin and see the epitome of the qualities they seek to develop on the pitch: Persistence, athleticism, discipline, patience, ferocity, teamwork.

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